Are you ready to live the life you want?

Coaching is an unique opportunity to focus time and energy on your own growth and on reaching goals that seem impossible. I am passionate about supporting you to extend your reach towards becoming even more than you dreamed possible.

Coaching is about you as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. I work with highly motivated individuals like you to develop their own definition of success. Most clients want to achieve specific goals so they can lead a more fulfilling life, like Kim who was looking for a new job.  Kim had owned and operated her own business for the last 20 years and had an amazing amount experience.  But from our conversations, Kim believed she could only be hired for entry level work.  Her resume reflected it.  Through coaching, she was better able to see her value, clarify the kind of job she was truly wanting,  and bolster her confident in the interviews that followed.  Kim is now happily employed in a job she loves.


Why Coaching

Personal development is undoubtedly my greatest passion and the reason why I continue to develop deeper connections with myself, my spirituality, and the people I choose to spend time with.  I have also found greater success getting out of my way and reaching my heart’s truest desires.  One of these desires is to empower people through coaching.

I am certified through the More To Life Foundation to teach Power of Self-Esteem, Power of Connection, and Power of Purpose mentor courses.   My intention is to offer these courses and coach groups and individuals using the More To Life processes as well as other amazing sources of wisdom.  I am currently learning the ins-and-outs of coaching through Coach Training Alliance and am working toward a coaching certification through the International Coaching Foundation.

Paige Stafford,
Stafford Life Coaching

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