Becoming a Client

If you are looking at becoming a coaching client it is likely you have some questions.  Coaching sessions will start with an initial FREE coaching call.  This will be the time to ask questions decide whether or not you feel comfortable working with the coach.  Everyone is different, every coach has his/her own style, and your questions are important.

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The door that leads to the right coach for you may be unclear until you understand what you are looking for in a coach, until you ask yourself what you want.

Choosing a Coach

Choosing a coach is a very big decision and the person you choose must fit your style.  This person will speak your language, and you will trust them to be your big supporter, cheering and supporting you toward your goals.

When choosing a life coach, find out as much as you can about their basic philosophy, values, and areas of expertise first. That way you are more likely to make a great match from the start. To find a great life coach, just follow these three simple steps:

  • Check out the brief life coach profiles in the coaching directory, specifying what type of life coaching you are looking for. Associated with every profile is a coach portfolio listing the articles and tips the coaches have written; browse through these articles and posts to get a better sense of who each coach is, where their life coaching expertise lies, and how good a fit you will be.
  • After reading their articles, make a short list of the life coaches you like. Then check out each coach’s full profile to read about the results they can help you achieve, how they like to coach, their experience, qualifications and training, and a description of their offerings.
  • Finally, browse the courses the life coach runs, and other products and services they offer—you may want to start with a short course or an e-book until you get to know them. Or dive right in and book an introductory session. Choose the Book a Free Call tab of their profile. Each coach’s free times for appointments will show up in the calendar on this page.

The introductory phone call is fun and inviting.
The introductory phone call is fun and inviting.

The Introductory Coaching Call

PL Stafford Coaching, like most coaching services, offers a free introductory coaching call. This is so that you can find out more about what the coaching entails, your coach, and how well you might work together.  Generally this call will last about half an hour.

The call begins with two to three minutes of getting to know each other.  Then, the coach will provide a brief description of the available coaching services and the agenda for the call.  The coach will then demonstrate what coaching looks like by initiating a coaching conversation targeted on what you are going for in your life.  The conversation gives them both a feel of how the coach and client will relate to one-another and the information needed for you to decide the style and type of coaching you most desire.

Styles of Coaching

There are two types of coaching with individuals, in-person and remote.  Group coaching is always done in-person.

Individual Coaching. Individual Coaching is the most common type of coaching and is typically done over the phone or via Skype.  You talk to your coach for an agreed upon duration, usually an hour and in regular intervals, such as once a week.  Your coach will offer coaching tools and assignments such as journaling and specific activities used to enhance and track progress toward your goals.

In-person: This type of coaching is done in person, meeting physically in the same space, usually within the coach’s business space.  This type of coaching is usually done with personal-development coaching, such as self-esteem enhancement and learning to deepen interpersonal connection, where body language and reading the person’s energy is necessary.

Group coaching: Group Coaching is a powerful experience that offers deep connection and healing between two or more people. Group coaching is especially helpful for couples and family units who are searching for a way to be better connected and more cooperative.  Group coaching is best delivered with an in-person coaching style.

Group coaching sessions are designed by you and the other members with the group.  The coach provides the structure and ensures that the agreements made within the group are followed.  The group dynamics are a powerful way to heal and create deep and lasting relationships with others.

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Group coaching invites you to explore healing relationships with others.  

Types of Coaching

Paige Stafford offers two different types of life coaching.  Type-One is goal based.  Type-Two is more of a mentoring type of coaching that targets self-esteem and inter-personal connection.  The two styles differ in the following ways:

Type 1: Meeting life goals.  For this type, the coach is supportive, observant and offers pivotal questions that will challenge and empowering you to reach your own objectives.  You are in complete control of your own direction.

Type2: Finding the life you were meant to have.  This type of coaching is Paige Stafford’s specialty.  In this type of coaching, the coach is supportive, observant and offers pivotal questions about how you see the world, others, and life itself.  The questions serve to challenge you ego to empower you to see life as it really is.  You are in complete control of the objectives.  The coach provides additional tools, classes, activities to address self-esteem and inter-personal connection.  Additional tools that may be offered center around mindfulness, somatic listening, and the tools found within the Power Series courses.

Saying Yes to being a Coaching Client

Let’s look at what happens when you become a life coaching client. First, you will receive a coaching welcome package. Then, you will have your first, or foundation, session with your life coach. After that, you will speak or report online to your coach at a regular interval, such as once a week or once every two weeks. This keeps you motivated and accountable on a regular basis.

Your life coaching welcome package

Upon agreeing to be a client with Paige Stafford, you will received a Welcome Packet via the email address you provide.  The Welcome packet contains a number of items designed to kick start your coaching and includes a welcome letter and the following on-line forms to be completed by you:

  • Client’s basic information
  • Client Questionnaire.  This form will have a number of questions meant to clarify your intention and goals to optimize your coaching experience
  • A coaching agreement

The Foundational Life Coaching Session

Your first life coaching session is called the Foundation session. It is meant to review the welcome package material, determine the style of coaching you are going for, your objectives, and together an agenda will be crafted and followed for the agreed upon period of time.

Paige Stafford’s philosophy is that you have the power to heal himself.  You are in control of your experience, in control of the outcome.   And so, each coaching session after the Foundational will begin with you providing the agenda for the session.  The template for the agenda is simple, and is provided on-line for convenience.

The number sessions and duration of each, as well as the style and type of coaching you choose will be set during this first session.

How Many Sessions?  You might accomplish your goals in as little as one to three months. Most often, people stay with their coaches an average of about 9 months (ICF 1998). You may also want to keep a less intensive coaching schedule after you have done the majority of your work, and keep checking in once a month or so.