My Neighbor

Almost to the end of my jog, my neighbor stepped from her front door out onto her lawn, and sent me a non-verbal apology for meeting my gaze. She put the miniature dog she was holding onto the lawn and it immediately darted to the far end of the yard, thankfully away from me. “Honey… Honey… Honey, come here. Come here Honey.” The expression on the dogs face said, “You are nothing to me…” As I passed the end of their yard, the women was running to the dog as her unending, useless pleas faded into my lasting memory.


When our collective effort is united behind a singular purpose, the universe is then more aligned, and the energy that gathers behind this shared purpose is undeniably more effective.

These words bring to mind Victor Frankl and his memoirs in “Man’s Search for Meaning.”  He calls for us to not focus on a particular outcome, but on how we want to be.  It is inevitable that success will follow this way of being.  Frankl wrote,

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