PL.Stafford is part of a community of mentors who hold and train courses to foster creativity in the individual, community and world.  The courses were created by the More To Life Foundation, a non-profit organization who is committed to empowering individuals to bring their best self forward, again and again, in response to the challenges and goals that are specific to one’s own life path.

Power Series 2018

The Practice of Self-Esteem
6 two-hour online sessions, starting Sunday March 18, 2018, 6:30 pm EST.  
Power of Purpose
No courses are scheduled for 2018.
Power of Connection
Planning a 5 week course, summer 2018.

More To Life Weekend

No courses are scheduled in Knoxville in the near future.
There is a creative energy at the heart of life which flows through us when we are open to it. This weekend course teaches highly effective and simple practices that will help you do this in your life every day, so you bring your best self forward, create more of what matters to you, and contribute more to the people who matter to you.  Learn More

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